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Our story starts way back, in 1891 Mr. Jacobus Johannes Louw bought the farm Springboklaagte.

In 1890 Mr. Jacobus Johannes Louw bought the farm Springboklaagte, as well as the property now knows as 21 Viljoen Street. He wanted to build his dream house here. The house only finished in 1896. He wanted to build a unique house to meet his requirements of a big family of 12 children, himself and his spouse.

Mr. Louw never went overseas to see Victorian or colonial styles, so he had to make use of a well-known local designer. During the Boer-war, Mr. Louw was sent to India as a prisoner of war, and during his absence, the British invaded Middelburg. The house was occupied by British troops and was used as a hospital. It was later also used for military purposes as an officer’s mess, and to serve as annex for the house General Jan Smuts. This was in force until General Jan Smuts moved to Doringlaagte, now known as Irene.

The next owner was Mr. and Mrs. Le Roux who sold to Mr. Mrs. Hammond. It was then sold to the 5th owner Mrs. Gouws. The foundation for the Guest House was dug in 1998. The property has now been recently sold to Mr. and Mrs. De Villiers who owns the property next door, 21 Viljoen Street.

In 1988 Mr Hammond subdivided the premises and sold it, which led to the stables and wagon house on the northern side, and the small living quarters known as the cottage, on the southern side, falling in the sold part.